🇬🇧 Setting up a new morning routine

All of the sudden not going to work anymore for the upcoming months.

We'll, It's been somewhere in my head but starting maternity leave was the last thing I actively thought about. So what should I do? Been struggling to keep my daily routine stable for years now and yes, this is an important factor for my well-being.

So what's the plan now? - Keep it simple stupid.

Just setting a sequence of things to do in the mornings for now. This should (hopefully) help not slouching about all day.

1. 🚿 Have a shower

2. 🍽 Have breakfast

3. 🌞 Go for a walk

4. 🗁 Process my in-trays (getting things done)

In order to not forget about wanting to follow this I might just set up a few sticky notes here and there with the above icons.


-- hoschi

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